The story behind our new Early Spring cover

The story behind our new Early Spring cover

Zofia May took our gorgeous cover image and is a natural lifestyle family photographer based in London. After her children were born, Zofia fell in love with capturing details that tell a story and show beautiful connections between people.

Zofia shares the story behind the cover…

The baby in the photograph is the second boy in the family. His big brother was born two years earlier during the pandemic and it was a difficult experience with uncertainties about rapidly changing restrictions. There was no family support, no photographer to capture those hazy early days of a life with a new baby. When the second boy arrived in summer 2022, his mum decided to make this a completely different experience.

The photoshoot was scheduled six days after the baby was born and it was the youngest baby I have ever photographed! It was a very hot summer day. The photoshoot took place in their home, mostly in the parents’ bedroom. An at-home session is a great way to capture meaningful photos documenting not only how small the baby once was but also how it truly felt to fall in love with a new baby. That’s where parents and older siblings feel comfortable and relaxed. That’s where they spend a lot of time, bonding with their new addition. 

The sunlight in the parents’ bedroom was gorgeous so I knew this is where we’ll take most of the photos. Ultimately, that’s where they spend a lot of time together as a family. That’s where parents spend hours looking at their babies with disbelief. That’s where their baby sleeps in the first few months. That’s where many firsts can happen. And those memories will be easier to remember when that special room is included in the photographs.

The older brother was still getting used to his little baby brother, so we needed to make sure he gets a lot of attention from his parents as well. After taking family photos, mum took her older child to have some quiet time and I photographed dad with his little son. The baby just got fed and began snoozing off. I asked dad to pick him up and cuddle in front of the large white wardrobe, right next to the window. I knew it would give us some gorgeous side light and a neutral background. I don’t direct or pose people in my photographs because I want them to feel and act naturally and comfortably. Only then I can capture organic emotions and feelings. Who knew that this is when the baby boy would show us his beautiful smile? He was a smiley baby but when it comes to newborns, you never know when they will smile for a fleeting moment. As a photographer, you have to be ready! Dad told me that this was actually the first time he could focus fully on his new baby boy. Without distractions. It was their time and it was the time when their bond and connection started forming and growing. 

Sometimes I wonder what the baby will think when he looks at this picture, when he grows up. I’m certain he will feel loved.


Find Zofia at and on Instagram @zofiamayphotography

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