Babywearing dads: here are the benefits of carrying your children

Babywearing dads: here are the benefits of carrying your children

As concepts of masculinity shift and change, some men are wondering how they will fit into the role of ‘father’. The parenting role men have traditionally taken can look very different from the modern man’s outlook on fatherhood. As fathers-to-be and fathers-to-be-again, looking for ways to support their partners and bond with new arrivals, many are finding baby carriers an indispensable tool for everyday family life.

Oscha Slings have long held a reputation for quality slings made ethically and sustainably in Scotland. Their mission is to create products that provide a comfortable and adjustable carry for every parent. This starts with hand-drawn designs to suit every style and taste, and ends with responsibly sourced and organic yarns being woven and stitched into a range of unique baby carriers.

Creating carriers that are comfortable for both women and men is simple for Oscha. With infinitely adjustable wraps giving a tailored fit no matter who’s choosing to carry, and innovative https://www.oschaslings.comcarriers that can be quickly tweaked to suit the wearer, their designs are there to support both parents in holding their little ones close.

You might be wondering what is so special about a baby carrier. Isn’t it just a way to get from A to B? Well, yes … and isn’t that reason enough to love them? A baby carrier can be a simple tool to carry your little one when you are out and about, but for new parents it can also be a lifeline. By using a baby carrier you’ll be able to take your newborn out into the world to experience new things every day. Getting on and off buses is a breeze, taking the dog for a walk is easy, and strolling down to the park is simple. Finding space in your favourite coffee shop is as straightforward as finding seats for two.

If you’re looking for more reasons to carry in a baby sling, look no further than these:


Babywearing has proven benefits for parent and child. Concern about bonding is something we hear about time and time again from fathers, and while it might not seem obvious why, a carrier is a great support when bonding with your child.

If you are a dad, you may feel that your partner has a ready-made connection to this new life, but you do too! Holding a newborn close in a soft, supportive carrier, allowing him to hear your beating heart and familiar voice, reassures him straight away. Holding a child close produces the hormone oxytocin in both the caregiver and the baby, calming you both and facilitating the bonding process. Using a baby carrier also makes skin-to-skin contact easy, and this is something new fathers can do straight away with newborns as well as with growing infants.

Sharing hobbies

Bonding doesn’t stop as your baby grows. Another great thing we hear from fathers is how carriers allow them to share their hobbies with their children. While a toddler might not be able to go on a five-mile hike, you can certainly carry her in comfort using a breathable baby sling or carrier. A synthetic carrier might make you hot and sweaty, but choosing a natural woven material allows both you and your child to naturally regulate your temperature – leaving you both in a better mood to enjoy the views together.

Whatever hobbies you want to share, carriers will make it easier to bring your family along with you, and sharing the experiences together will help form bonds, and memories, for life. Ciaran says: “I’ve done some hillwalking, hiking, collecting plants for college work and changed the spark plugs on my bike with my little fella strapped to me. He was delighted and I got to continue doing things I like while still parenting and having my baby close to me.”


Baby carriers allow you to get on with everyday life, chores and all, with your hands free to care for other little ones, or just make the task at hand easier. Joe says: “I had my reservations… All this talk of wraps and carriers seemed alien. Then as the days and weeks went by I saw that my wife could do superhuman feats like going shopping with two small people, and walks with a toddler wobbling on a balance bike with no tears, as she had both hands free to catch him. Hmm, I thought, I might be missing a trick here.”

Settles babies quickly

Carried babies cry less and sleep more, so that’s win and win for all parents! Using a baby carrier is a great way to settle your little one quickly, and if he is suffering with reflux or colic, the upright position in a woven carrier can be immensely soothing for him.

Caring for your child and calming her by holding her close to your body is a wonderful feeling that is made effortless by using a woven carrier.

There are many reasons baby carriers should be an integral part of the fathering tool kit, enabling you to take an active parenting role, bonding with your little one and settling him quickly, with your hands free to help out. Whether you fancy the simplicity of a full buckle carrier, or the adjustable comfort of a woven wrap, there is something from Oscha Slings for you. Not only are Oscha’s carriers woven and crafted in the British Isles, but they are also made ethically from seed to sling. Using only the finest responsibly sourced and organic yarns, their slings are stitched in a carbon-neutral, solar-powered workshop, and each sale contributes to a growing grove of trees in the Scottish Highlands.

Woven in colours for the minimalist or for the person who wants to stand out from the crowd, this wide range of ethically made woven carriers is sure to have something to suit you.

Which sling should you choose?

Oscha Slings have a helpful web page to guide you through each type of sling they craft. You can also take their fun quiz to determine what’s best for you, and if you need a little help to get started, you can learn how to use their slings here.

We’ve heard on the grapevine that Oscha’s exclusive Middle Earth Collection, inspired by The Lord of the Rings, is particularly appealing to dads, and many fans have discovered the brand through this unique and inspiring collection!


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