Books for Inspiration: Amazing Brains

Books for Inspiration: Amazing Brains

The Brainiac’s Book of the Body and Brain

By Rosie Cooper, illustrated by Harriet Russell, Thames and Hudson

Pitched at children aged 7–10, this book is packed with weird and wonderful information about the body and brain. It dives into different functions and processes, from dreaming to memories, the senses to motion, how the eyes work to how genes mutate. It looks at how the body has been studied through history, and has experiments to illustrate quirks about the way we work. It’s well laid out: there’s a different subject to explore on every double-page spread, with digestible text and bold, entertaining illustrations. Funny, sometimes gross, accessible and inclusive, there is so much in this book to fascinate curious young minds.

My Amazing ADHD Brain: A Child’s Guide to Thriving with ADHD

By Emily Snape, Summersdale

This book for young children offers a positive exploration of ADHD. Pip, a little monster, talks us through their ADHD, celebrating the strengths it gives them, and reframing the negative assumptions around the condition. Children are encouraged to see how having ADHD can mean you come up with original ideas, or have loads of energy, or experience an impulsiveness that pushes you to try new things. Pip offers practical tips throughout to help children think about self-regulation and making mindful choices, as well as things adults can do to support children manage the challenges that some behaviours pose. A fun and confidence-building book.

The Brilliant Brain: How it Works and How to Look After It

By Dr Roopa Farooki, Illustrated by Viola Wang, Walker Books

This is a fantastic introduction to the brain for young children, with wonderful visuals that support understanding. It’s full of fascinating facts, communicated in a manner that makes them easy to grasp – “Your brain is about the size of your two fists put together.” It explains how the brain helps the body do things automatically – such as breathing and digestion, how thoughts and ideas happen, and how the brain sends messages around the body to help you respond to different emotions and situations. As well as imparting information, the book captures brilliantly the wonder of the brain – the thrilling thoughts it creates and the magical memories it stores – everything that makes each person who they are.


Reviews by Alice Ellerby

Published in issue 89. Accurate at the time this issue went to print. 

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