Books for Inspiration: Poetry

Books for Inspiration: Poetry

Imagine a Garden: Stories of Courage Changing the World

By Rina Singh, illustrated by Hoda Hadadi, Greystone Kids

These stories, written in free verse, tell of extraordinary actions of individuals from across the world who have shown remarkable love, kindness and courage in the face of war, poverty, violence, persecution, inequality. A grocer in Delhi teaches children for free beneath a railway bridge. An Anishinaabe girl becomes an advocate for clean drinking water after learning of water insecurity for Indigenous communities in Canada. The poems are powerful and succinct, and Hadadi’s evocative cut-paper art reflects the hands-on, grassroots actions of the people whose stories Singh tells so beautifully.

Gods and Monsters: Mythological Poems

Compiled by Ana Sampson, illustrated by Chris Riddell, Macmillan

Mythology reveals so much about our species’ hopes, dreams and fears, and this wide-ranging poetry collection draws from across the breadth of our inherited stories. It offers traditional tellings as well as subversive retellings, some told with humour and others with deep pathos. There are excerpts from the classics, poems by familiar names past and present, and new voices. With illustrations by Chris Riddell on every page, this is a fantastic and accessible collection for young people.

A Whale of a Time: A Funny Poem for Every Day of the Year

Selected by Lou Peacock, illustrated by Matt Hunt, Nosy Crow

This is a big, colourful, joyful anthology. Many of the 366 poems are just a few lines long, but their humour is irresistible, with playful words, absurd imagery, and hilarious ideas that children will love. The large format and bold illustrations make this a wonderful collection for adults and children to enjoy together.


Reviews by Alice Ellerby

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First published in Issue 86 of JUNO. Accurate at the time this issue went to print. 

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