Books for Inspiration: Rise Up

Books for Inspiration: Rise Up

Rise Up and Sing! Power, Protest and Activism in Music

By Andrea Warner, illustrated by Louise Reimer, Greystone Kids

This book celebrates the role music plays in the fight for justice, focusing on eight areas of activism, from the climate emergency to the peace movement and human rights. Each chapter offers case studies of musicians who have contributed to these causes through their music and activism, and music as activism. So many bold and brave artists are featured, and their music resonates powerfully through the book. The chapters end with a playlist of iconic tracks, which you can listen to for full impact.

Girls Rule: 50 Women Who Changed the World

By Danielle Brown, designed and illustrated by Robin Shields and Emily Hurlock, Button Books

A collection of wonderfully told stories of women from across the world and throughout history who thought differently, pushed boundaries, challenged ideas and achieved things beyond what was thought possible. We encounter politicians, peacekeepers, pioneers, activists, spokeswomen and survivors. Their legacy is not only the positive ways they changed the world, but the way their actions show us we can do the same.

Art of Protest

By De Nichols, illustrated by Diana Dagadita, Saddo, Olivia Twist, Molly Mendoza and Diego Becas, Big Picture Press

A powerful book by activist, lecturer and speaker De Nichols, which outlines the many ways art is used in social movements – to inform, to influence action, to imagine a vision for change, to challenge the status quo. By analysing iconic protest art, Nichols reveals how these pieces create their impact. She describes the issues she has been witness to through her life that have spurred her to action, and offers prompts to help young readers identify causes they care about and start their own protest art.


Reviews by Alice Ellerby

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Published in Issue 87 of JUNO. Accurate at the time this issue went to print. 

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