Books for Inspiration: Understanding Emotions

Books for Inspiration: Understanding Emotions

The Cat Who Couldn’t Be Bothered

By Jack Kurland, Frances Lincoln Children’s Books

In this gentle and funny picture book for young children, the cat’s friends bombard him with invitations – to parties, to go exploring, to dance, to skate, to paint. The cat, drawn with great character, declines them all. Finally, he finds the courage to speak up: it’s not that he can’t be bothered, it’s that he’s sad, and all he wants to do is nothing. His friends understand. There is much to be said for sitting with your feelings and allowing them to pass, especially when you realise you are not alone.

Heartstopper: Volume 5

By Alice Oseman, Hodder Children’s Books

Heartstopper has a global teen following. It tells Nick and Charlie’s story as they navigate the ups and downs of first love, friendships, coming out and mental health. The warm and supportive graphic novel series is beautifully pitched for teenagers who are interested in exploring these issues. In Volume 5, Nick and Charlie consider their future as university and the challenge of a long-distance relationship looms, and the book contains discussions around sex and eating disorders. Heartstopper gives teenagers faith in their agency to work through difficult feelings and situations, with compassion and respect for themselves and others.

The Colour Monster: The Feelings Doctor and the Emotions Toolkit

By Anna Llenas, Templar Books

The much-loved The Colour Monster series encourages conversations about wellbeing. In the latest title, Dr Colour Monster offers gentle techniques that help Nuna explore and understand an unpleasant feeling in her body, which she has difficulty finding the right words for. Colour Monster produces his emotions toolkit, containing 36 ways to help regulate our emotions – dancing, writing in a diary, or a hug, for example. The book is effective in showing children how to listen to their bodies, listen to their hearts, and look after themselves, with the caveat that they don’t have to do it all on their own.


Reviews by Alice Ellerby

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