Molly’s First Festival: a fun picture book for festival families!

Molly’s First Festival: a fun picture book for festival families!

Molly’s First Festival is a fun and inclusive picture book about a little girl going to a music festival for the first time. It was created by Somerset-based illustrator Katherine O’Shea and was made possible through crowdfunding.

“It all started in a field on Worthy Farm, when I went to Glastonbury Festival as a mum for the first time,” says Katherine. “My husband and I had never gone to an event like this with a toddler in tow and were both rather nervous, given that Molly had been born during the Covid-19 lockdown and was unused to such large events. But of course, music festivals are wonderful places for children, and despite the ups, downs and general messes, we all had a magical time.

“As I looked at the lights across the valley and thought about the beautiful experience we had been through together, the idea to create a children’s book about a music festival came to me in an instant.”

Katherine was surprised to discover that no children’s picture books about a family going to a music festival existed. So, she decided to dust off her paintbrushes and make it happen.

“I really wanted to capture the experience for all those festival-loving families out there. The fact that it’s this community who helped make the book possible means it’s all the more special to me, and – I hope – to anyone who might buy a copy for their children.”


Molly’s First Festival is available to buy now as a paperback edition for £9.99 at

First published in Issue 84 of JUNO. Accurate at the time this issue went to print.

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