Simple creative ideas to celebrate the rain

Simple creative ideas to celebrate the rain

Rain Painting

Let a shower of rain transform simple pictures into multicoloured masterpieces.

To make

  • Draw pictures on plain white kitchen paper, using brightly coloured water-soluble pens.
  • Hang the pictures on a washing line and let the rain mix the colours. Experiment with different papers, inks and paints.
  • Try drawing patterns of dots and lines. What does the rain do to them? Let the pictures dry and then press them flat if need be.

Rain Stencils

These rain shadows of natural materials won’t last long, so have a camera ready to take a picture before they disappear. You’ll need to prepare before it starts raining.

To make

  • Collect leaves of different shapes and sizes.
  • Find a space on a patio or some paving, or put some sand in a tray and level the surface.
  • Arrange leaves or other natural materials into a pattern or a picture in your chosen space.
  • If it’s windy, put stones on the leaves so that they won’t blow away.
  • Wait for a rain shower. Once it stops, pick up the leaves to reveal your stencil patterns. See if people can guess what natural materials you used by looking at the patterns.


Published in issue 31. Accurate at the time this issue went to print. 

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