Nature-friendly sunscreens for your family – 2023 update

Nature-friendly sunscreens for your family – 2023 update

We’ve tried lots of natural sun creams here at JUNO HQ over the years. We wanted to share them in one place, to help you when looking for a product to suit you and your family this summer. All are reef-safe and paraben-free.

Organii SPF15 Facial Sun Cream

It’s so hard to find a good certified organic sunscreen. Many can be oily or heavy on the skin, which can lead to breakouts. I’m happy to report no spots after a week of using this every day! A little goes a long way, so a tube lasts a long time, and it feels nourishing on the skin. It contains a range of organic ingredients and oils with anti-ageing properties, so it works as both a moisturiser and an everyday SPF. You can see the cream on the skin when you first apply it due to the zinc oxide and titanium dioxide content, but the appearance fades once massaged in. These mineral ingredients work by sitting on the surface of the skin and reflecting the sun’s rays, and it’s important to mention that this sunscreen uses a non-nano formulation, which means the mineral particles are too large to be absorbed into the bloodstream and are therefore considered safer. It’s also vegan-friendly, with all parts of the packaging fully recyclable. JH

£14.95 for 50ml

Shade Sunscreen SPF25

An all-natural, non-toxic, unscented and organic sunscreen. Made with organic coconut oil, unrefined beeswax, organic shea butter and zinc oxide, it has a pleasingly short ingredients list! It’s particularly good for those with sensitive skin due to the simple, gentle formulation. The high wax and oil content of this sunscreen means it will solidify in cooler temperatures. It’s recommended to store above 18 degrees to keep it soft and easy to apply! Packaged in a recyclable tin. JH

£9.75 for 100ml

New Layer Pro Vitamin D Sunscreen SPF30

I’ve repurchased this New Layer product several times, which is always a good sign! It’s a chemical sunscreen rather than a mineral one, but all ingredients are naturally derived. It is free of any harmful ingredients like octocrylene, oxybenzone, avobenzone or nanoparticles – and, importantly, all ingredients are classed as reef-safe. The formulation of this cream means it’s quickly absorbed and doesn’t deposit a white layer on the skin. It’s non-sticky, and water resistant. It feels great, and I use it daily during summer on my face without any breakouts. It also smells delicious, with a fresh ‘ocean breeze’ scent. A bottle lasts me (on my own) about a year, with regular daily use during summer months and as needed throughout the rest of the year. Recycled packaging and certified climate neutral. JH

€27.95 for 200ml

Green People Sun Lotion SPF30

This is an easy-to-use sun lotion, suitable for all skin types and offering high protection against both UVA and UVB. Its consistency means that it doesn’t flood out of the tube but is not so thick that it doesn’t absorb. It left my skin feeling soft and moisturised but not greasy or clogged as I have experienced with other sun lotions. Fragrance-free and made with 78% certified organic ingredients. SF

£25.50 for 200ml

AMAZINC! Mineral Butter SPF30

With just seven ingredients, this is a simple and natural product to protect against the sun and the elements. The cream itself is thick and buttery, with a soft pink colour. When cold, it becomes quite solid (like actual butter), so it’s easier to use on hot days or when warmed up in your hands. It’s a mineral sunscreen containing non-nano zinc oxide, which does show up on the skin. It’s water-resistant and can be challenging to get off – so a good option for people who are in and out of the sea! Vegan, reef-safe and supplied in a recyclable tin. JH

€21.35 for 70g

Organii Sun Milk SPF50

We really like this sun milk. It’s quite runny, so you need to be careful when applying it, but it absorbs well and doesn’t leave the skin feeling sticky. It has a pleasant gentle scent, and a family we tested it with said they liked that it didn’t smell of chemicals! It provides 100% natural sun protection that is effective straight away, and is water-resistant. You can feel the milk is moisturising, and the natural sun-protecting ingredient of pongamol, extracted from karanja oil, is very effective against UVA and UVB rays as well as being packed with antioxidants, which help slow down the skin ageing that exposure to the sun can bring. Paraben-free and suitable for vegans. SF

£24.95 for 125ml

New Layer Pro Bionic Performance Face Fluid SPF20

A brilliant 2-in-1 SPF and facial moisturiser with a neutral scent. It’s designed as everyday skincare to help protect skin from the elements on warm days, where the sun isn’t too strong. It absorbs well, leaving skin soft and hydrated. The formulation is SPF20, with bio hyaluronic acid to provide lasting hydration, with vitamin D to boost skin recovery. Ectoin helps protect skin from pollution, blue light and infrared. Like other New Layer products, it’s 100% vegan and made with naturally-derived ingredients, and tested on athletes – never animals! The box is made with recycled paper, the tube made with recycled and bio plastics. JH

€24.95 for 75ml

Scence Natural Zinc Sunscreen SPF30

This is an excellent family sunscreen, which uses zinc oxide as the UV shield. Plastic-free, it comes in a cardboard tube, and you warm the balm in your hands so that it can glide across the skin. It is very easy to apply. Containing mango butter, organic coconut oil and sunflower seed wax, it smells gorgeous and has a silky-soft, non-greasy texture, which is really nice for everyday use. The sunscreen is instantly effective on application, and the balm is transparent so there’s no whiteness left on the skin. It’s vegan, cruelty-free and handmade in the UK using 100% recyclable packaging. AE

£21 for 80g

Mustela Very High Protection Sun Lotion – SPF 50+

This factor 50+ lotion protects skin from UVB and UVA and is suitable for very young babies. It uses Mustela’s “Avocado Perceose” formula, which reinforces the skin barrier. It’s water-resistant and free from parabens and phthalates. I found it very easy to use – it absorbed easily and did not leave my skin feeling sticky. It has a push applicator, so it’s easy just to take a little amount from the container. SF

From £11.50 for 100ml


Facial Sunscreen SPF15

Ringana FRESH SPF15 is a lightweight facial sunscreen, which I’ve really enjoyed using. It absorbs well without leaving any white cast, and feels light on the skin, allowing it to breathe. It leaves a soft, matte finish and feels really nourishing. It’s great for warm days when you’re out and about, as part of everyday skincare. This product carries the Positive Reef Initiative badge, which not only means that the product itself has been classed as ocean-friendly, but that a contribution is being made towards the restoration of coral reefs. JH

€31.90 for 50ml

Sunscreen SPF50

For longer days in the summer sun, a high SPF is an essential. Ringana FRESH SPF50 is a natural, mineral-based sunscreen using zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. I found it easy to apply – it’s not too thick and a little goes a long way, leaving just a minimal white cast which is barely noticeable once absorbed. You can apply more thickly to sensitive areas such as the nose, ears and back of the neck for extra protection. It’s a waterproof formulation, which is great if you’re in and out of the water. As with other Ringana sunscreens, this product also carries the Positive Reef Initiative badge, and does not use artificial preservatives – so keep an eye on the expiry date. All Ringana products are made in small batches with sustainability in mind. JH

€28.20 for 50ml


Reviews by Alice Ellerby, Saffia Farr and Jess Hazel

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