Reviews: gifts

Reviews: gifts

Reviews by Alice Ellerby, Saffia FarrJess Hazel and Rosalind Kingston-Jones

Goat’s Milk Soap Small Gift Set

This is a gorgeous little gift – I like the price point and that the set includes two soaps. The bars weigh 55g each and you can choose from a range of scents, including lavender, tea tree and oatmeal, lemon and ginger, and unscented. You can have any combination; you simply include a message with your order to say which ones you would like. I tried the lemon and ginger and I love the fresh and zingy ginger scent and the pieces of lemon peel in the bar. The small bar fits nicely in your hand – or a child’s hand – and keeps its shape well. These soaps are handmade using Garlic Meadow’s own goat’s milk. The bars are wrapped in paper and the gift sets in biodegradable cellulose. SF


Comfort Gift Set

This is a wonderful seasonal gift set, with both products wrapped in beautiful red tissue paper in a gift box that can be reused or recycled. My hands get very worn in the winter months and this hand cream has been amazing at soothing them at the end of the day. I absolutely love the scent – the star anise is very warming and comforting and feels perfect for this time of year with its seasonal associations. The cream has definitely helped to rejuvenate my hands each evening – I’ve been applying it at night and it’s a joy to feel and smell as I go to sleep. The shower cream is also a wonderfully fragrant mix of pure essential oils and plant extracts – with vanilla, lemon and the warm spicy undertones of star anise. It also feels incredibly soft and leaves my skin feeling smooth. SF


Organic Cotton Kids’ Pyjamas with Fun Farmyard Print

These are the most gorgeous children’s pyjamas – perfect winter snuggle-wear. They’re made from thick GOTS-certified organic cotton, which is warm and soft, and 5% elastane, which allows for movement and comfort. I love the roll-down cuffs that offer extra length as the child grows – such a good idea for making the pyjamas last longer. The farmyard print is really appealing for children and has a traditional, vintage quality. I was interested to read that Ducky Zebra wanted the pyjamas to have a Christmassy feel, while remaining seasonless. The design really achieves that – they have all the joy and warmth of Christmas but won’t look out of place come spring. They are also refreshingly ungendered and made with environmentally friendly AZO-free dyes. AE


Elephant Box

The Elephant Box is described on the website as “our BIG lunchbox and a great all-rounder” and that perfectly sums it up! It has a 2-litre capacity, so is deep enough for an apple, or stacked sandwiches, or lots of lettuce, or lunch and snacks for a few people if you’re off on an outing! Used as a child’s lunchbox, you’d be able to fit lots of things in it, and it’s very sturdy and easy to clean, which helps if it’s going to be chucked in and out of school bags. The Elephant Box is not leakproof (there is a leakproof collection), but I found it to be secure when closed. Made from stainless steel. SF


All the Family Care Pack

Grass Roots Remedies has put together a wonderful gift pack with Sair Nae Mair Cream for bumps, bruises and aches, Calm Tea and Nighttime Tea, and some gorgeous greetings cards in deep greens. It’s an attractive and nurturing bundle. The Calm Tea comes in a brown bag, which is easily resealed, and with oat-straw, flowering hawthorn and rose, it looks beautiful, as well as tasting very calming – it’s light and delicious and has a gentle, relaxing flavour. Jess tried the Night-time Tea, also a delicate blend, in which the chamomile comes through strongest. It would be a lovely tea to build into a night-time ritual. Grass Roots Remedies is a Scottish herbal workers’ cooperative that makes the remedies by hand in a small community apothecary in Wester Hailes, Edinburgh. Proceeds from sales go towards supporting community herbalism across Scotland. SF



Nicole Sunglasses

I really like that CHPO sunglasses are made from 100% recycled plastic and are packed in a protective pouch made from recycled PET bottles. The glasses are unisex and there is a huge amount of choice in terms of frame size, colour, style and colour of lens. It’s a bit overwhelming at first but the pictures are really helpful and I found it easy to scroll through and narrow down the options. Sunglasses can be expensive too so this is a good price point and would make a fantastic gift. The glasses are light, sturdy and comfortable, they fit well around my head so I don’t worry that they are going to fall off, and I like the matte finish on the pair I tried. SF


Hornbill Sensory Toy

This is a lovely soft toy made with 100% organic fabrics. It has biodegradable bamboo fibre filling and is polyester-free. It’s designed with gorgeous colours, and my 5-month-old loves the crinkle and rattle noises it makes. He has spent a long time exploring the different sounds and textures. I love the loop that can attach it to buggies and chairs as it saves me continuously picking it up when he drops it on the floor. RKJ


Engage Earplugs

I’ve always struggled with noise sensitivity. At times, loud or repeated noises can make me feel anxious, and often too much background noise can feel draining. These earplugs are designed to reduce this, while allowing you to remain engaged. They offer filtered noise reduction, rather than blocking sound completely. It’s a bit disorienting at first – you can hear your breathing and heartbeat – but the sounds around you are still there, just gentler. Loud traffic noises are one of the most difficult for me, and these take the edge off while out and about, without removing my awareness. At work, they help with focus, allowing me to tune out background conversations, while still being able to hear if someone is talking to me. They’ve also helped me feel calmer at home, where general household noise and shouting between rooms can make me pretty grumpy! This set comes with four sizes of ear tips, the smallest of which would be suitable for some children’s ears (but they also offer Engage Kids earplugs). An amazing gift for anyone who struggles with noise. JH


Baby Romper

I love this handmade baby romper in a multicoloured abstract print. It’s really comfortable for my baby, made with supersoft organic jersey fabric. The harem pant style means it’s roomy enough for cloth nappy users. The pattern is so vibrant and fun, and I’ve had lots of compliments from other mums! Wild Oak Wood has other prints and designs too, with sizes from newborn through to toddler. A lovely romper that would make a great gift. RKJ

From £19.54

Glow & Grow Breathe Easy Candle

Breathe Easy is a menthol and citrus blend aimed at naturally clearing the airways to help combat colds and congestion for adults and children. I have been using this candle at bedtime over the last few months and find the scent very relaxing and soothing, even without a cold; it is cleansing and fresh, without being overpowering. It’s fantastic that this candle can be used as a decongestant for children and those who are pregnant – only natural ingredients are used and pure aromatherapy essential oils, specially selected for their therapeutic properties. The candle comes in a beautiful brown glass that can be repurposed or recycled. SF


Organic Cotton Handkerchiefs

I love using handkerchiefs so was excited to try these. What was great to see was that my 17-year-old son benefited from using them too. When his hay fever was bad, he found it helped him to use these hankies rather than anything else. We tried the turtle design, and he was happy to take them to school and everywhere else! The hankies are 100% certified organic and are sustainably made using solar power. We have been using and washing them for months and the design has not faded and they look as good as new. There’s a range of fun designs to choose from (spots, camper-vans, leaves, bikes), and coming in a handy pocket-sized fabric bag, they would make a great gift or stocking filler. SF

£16 for a set of 3

Amyris and Calendula Body Cream

I am really enjoying using this body cream. It’s very rich and soothing but is not too thick, so you only need a small amount and it applies really smoothly and easily. It comes in an attractive tin, which I will reuse in some way, and makes my skin feel soft and moisturised. It lasts really well and has a gentle scent as it includes organic oils, cocoa butter, safflower, calendula, vitamin E, amyris, and rose geranium. It’s certified as cruelty-free under the Leaping Bunny programme and registered with The Vegan Society. SF



Published in issue 87 of JUNO. Accurate at the time this issue went to print. 


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