Reviews: sustainable living

Reviews: sustainable living

Reviews by Alice Ellerby, Saffia Farr, Jess Hazel and Sophie May

Shampoo Bar

This shampoo bar by ecoLiving is 100% natural, soap-free, vegan, and made with sustainable ingredients. I tried the Wild Fig and loved the fresh scent and purple colour. I also found the leaf shape really helpful – it’s attractive and easy to hold and use but also distinguishes itself from other bars of conditioner or soap in the shower! The bar is described to last between 50 and 80 washes (depending on hair length) and I certainly did not use a lot for my long, thick hair. I lathered it into the ends and along my scalp, but everyone will have their own way to use it. My hair felt very soft afterwards. The bar is made in the UK, a tree is planted for every bar sold, and all packaging is compostable and recyclable with no plastic. SF

£9.50 for an 85g bar

Twist & Lock Leakproof Trio

This stack of three pots is really practical. I have been using them to store leftovers, as well as carrying them to work with my lunch. The twist lids fit really snuggly, so I don’t need to worry about keeping them upright in my bag without olive oil or sauces leaking out – always helpful when I’m rushing around! What is also great is that they are very fuss free; they have clean, simple lines and their wide openings allow easy access. This also means they clean well in the dishwasher as there are no small grooves for food to get stuck in. They stack on top of each other for ease of use in the fridge, and inside each other for storage – a simple and helpful design. The three sizes (small, 250ml; medium, 500ml and large, 700ml) are useful for different food items and work well together. SF


All Purpose Cleaner

We’ve been using this spray for a couple of months now and it’s become a staple. It’s an effective cleaner that we use on all our kitchen surfaces, sink and stove top, and it easily cleans away greasy marks and neutralises 99.9% of bacteria without the need for any harsh chemicals. It’s non-toxic and food-grade, and made with 100% naturally derived ingredients, including essential orange oil – so it smells amazing! The amber bottle looks attractive next to the sink, and you can buy refill pouches, which helps to reduce waste. JH

£4.99 for a 500ml refillable bottle, £5.99 for a 1l refill pouch

It’s Our Planet Too Subscription

This is a great subscription box to engage children in fun activities that help them think positively about environmental issues. Through the many activities included, children learn about different species, the issues facing our planet, and how we can make a difference. The box we received had a turtle focus, and there were word searches, crosswords, maths problems, craft activities, recipes, and science experiments, all of which imparted interesting facts about turtles. My daughter loved learning about this wonderful marine animal and absorbed loads of information about the challenges they face from climate change, decreasing biodiversity, habitat destruction and pollution. Aimed at children 5 and over, there are activities for children to do independently, and others, such as making turtle bread rolls, that are fun to do together. Tool kits are printed on 100% recycled paper or card using vegetable-based inks. AE

£33 for a three-box subscription

100% Biodegradable Eco-friendly Baby Wipes

We’ve always tried to use reusable wipes where possible and for the most part this works well for us. But there are times, especially when we’re out and about, when it’s convenient to have a disposable wipe to hand. Mum & You wipes are 100% biodegradable and made from sustainably sourced and naturally derived viscose, a renewable wood fibre. They are totally plastic-free and homecompostable, and for those that go to landfill, they are designed to disintegrate quickly. (Tests show they degrade in just a few days.) The packaging can be recycled with soft plastics at your local supermarket. SM

£10.99 for six packs

Lavender and Cedarwood Soap

Regular readers of JUNO review features will know that I love soap, and this is a fantastic bar! The lavender scent is incredible and has lasted over all the time I’ve been using it. The soap has kept its shape without going soggy, it lathers really well and is a pleasure to use. I found it interesting to read that Lyonsleaf deliberately sourced this soap for its remarkably silky lather and good hardness, created without the use of palm oil, which is what’s often used to make soap hard. This bar certainly does have those properties and lasts a very long time. Made in the UK, 100% natural and suitable for vegans. SF

£4.75 for a 100g bar

Nourishing Baby Lotion

I’ve enjoyed using this both on my little one and myself! It’s a soothing lotion made with natural, organic and vegan ingredients, including calendula, aloe vera, arrowroot and oat oil. There are no PEGs, parabens, synthetic fragrances or common allergens (gluten, peanut, dairy or soy) and the gentle formulation is well-suited to sensitive skin types. It leaves skin really soft and moisturised. SM

$22.90 for 500ml

Eco Washing Powder

As a mum concerned about the number of chemicals in her home, Wendy developed a formula for washing powder using only the ingredients absolutely necessary to do the job of keeping clothes clean and fresh. Her washing powder has only four ingredients – sodium bicarbonate, sodium carbonate decahydrate, natural soap and natural anticaking agent. Wendy explains, “This eco nonbio powder makes sure your water is soft so that the soap element can wash your clothes effectively.” I tried it on my family washes, and it did clean effectively and provided a gentle, fresh scent. When buying the powder, you can choose the fragrance of the soap element to create the aroma you like – an important part of laundry, I think! Wendy’s website is a detailed source of information about what she is doing and why. All products are handmade in Gloucestershire. SF

£8.50 for 1 kg

Discover åll Set

I love trying new scents and I’m always on the lookout for those with natural ingredients. I found out about ånd through Stone Club. (The first rule of Stone Club is: tell everyone about Stone Club!) Stone Club and ånd created a limited-edition fragrance together, which I absolutely loved, and I really liked the company’s ethos, so I was keen to try more. All its perfumes are made by hand using ethically sourced and vegan ingredients. This Discover set includes nine different fragrances to try in 2ml spray bottles. The scents last well, so a little goes a long way. I particularly like Båre (western red cedar, shore pine, Douglas fir and rosewood), which is foresty and fresh. And Måd (Madagascan vanilla, bergamot and buchu), which smells delicious on its own, or works well layered with other fragrances, to add sweetness. There are lots of ways to combine them and find a smell that makes you feel good! JH


The Cut and Stick Cardigan

I always feel happy when my children are in wool – there’s nothing like it for warmth and breathability – and I love this cardigan on my 2-year-old. The geometric cut and stick design is bold and contemporary, and it’s really refreshing that the cardigan’s age guide is 2 to 4 years. The fold-back cuffs mean it can be worn by a growing child for a couple of years, with a boxy oversized fit when they’re young, and a smaller fit later on. The cardy is knitted in limited runs in a small studio in London and it’s a beautiful quality – a chunky knit made from 100% wool deadstock yarn. It’s a special garment that would be nice to pass on to friends or family, but you can also sell it back to the company for a percentage of the original price when you no longer need it. AE


Natural Shampoo & Body Wash

This body wash has been formulated as an extra-mild cleanser for adults and children (from 6 weeks) with dry or sensitive skin. Made with herbal extracts and plant-based surfactants, it’s free from the synthetic irritants, fragrances and sulphates that can sometimes cause irritation to sensitive skin. It’s also suitable for those who may be prone to eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, rosacea, and other dry skin conditions. Usually, combined shampoo and body washes are a bit of a compromise on both. This is not so with this product. The smooth, non-gel consistency is great as a shampoo, but it’s thick enough to work well as a bodywash too. It has a nice light orange colour, and a light citrus fragrance with a hint of cloves. It lathers well (even with hard water), is easy to rinse, and left my hair feeling clean and refreshed. SF

£19 for 200ml

Pine Reviving Bath Milk

Weleda uses the essences of silver fir and Siberian fir, which condense the purity and freshness of mountain air, to create aromatic essential oils. As ingredients in the bath milk, these oils help with fatigue, stress and nervous exhaustion. I found the bath milk invigorating with its strong pine scent. Fortunately, while reviewing this milk, I was not hampered with a cold, but I can see that if I was feeling congested, a hot bath with this reviving milk poured into it would be incredibly restorative and would help me breathe more easily. The advice is to pour three to four capfuls into a warm bath just before stepping in, to benefit from the fragrant oils lifting in the steam. Weleda create natural-based bath care, free from synthetic preservatives, fragrances, colourants or raw materials derived from mineral oils. Suitable for vegans. SF

£16.25 for 200ml

Published in issue 88. Accurate at the time this issue went to print.

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