Positive Periods Guide Media Kit

About the guide

To celebrate Wen's Environmenstrual Week, we've created a free digital guide with all our best content on periods. 

It's all about building a positive narrative around periods, and learning how to understand and embrace our cycles. 

The 40-page digital guide includes lots of nurturing content, including:

  • celebrating menarche
  • demystifying the menstrual cycle
  • ideas for self-care during your period
  • an introduction to reusable menstrual products
  • how to make your own cloth menstrual pads
  • reviews of a range of eco-friendly products

Saffia (JUNO Editor) says: "Discovering a new approach to periods, menstrual cycles and reusable menstrual products has been life-changing. I’m now much more aware of my cycle and the different seasons within it and what I need to do at different times to look after myself. Using reusable products feels like an act of self-care – hugely positive – and I’ve enjoyed sharing what I’ve learned with my daughter."

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At the link below you'll find a range of assets to help promote our new Positive Periods Guide. Please let us know if there's anything else you might need to support this! Email jess.stephens@junomagazine.com

Positive Periods Guide Assets