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The Mother - Issue 15

The Mother - Issue 15

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In this issue of The Mother magazine:

The Conscious Life  by Veronika Robinson

Baby-Bump Balm by Star Khechara 

Inde Frank Lawson’s Birth by Kate Musk

Hypnosis for Childbirth by Tracy Donegan

Elective C-Sections by Kathleen Furin

The Most Important Person ~ How to Choose the Right Health Care Provider by Lynda Cook Sawyer 

The Father and His Breastfed Baby by Barbara Higham

The Natural Mother by Rachelle Strauss

Family Food, Vegan Recipes by Louise Trowbridge

Teaching our Children to Eat Consciously by Emma Lewis

What to Do When You Don’t Vaccinate by Michelle Finlay

Naomi Aldort Talks about Dummies & Pushchairs

Eco Mother ~ Burying Your Baby’s Placenta

Wash or Throw? Alternative Menstrual Products by Deborah Peters 

Free Father by Stuart Howard

Born to Consume? Understanding and Transcending the Materialism Rampaging through Modern Culture by Richard House 

Art of Change by Barry and Winnie Durdant-Hollamby

Holistic Support for Mums by Sarah Kruse 

The Unschooled Childhood by Veronika Robinson

The Possible Mother Jeannine Parvati Baker’s (last column in TM)

The Metaphysical Mother ~ The ‘Inner’ Meaning of Christmas by Veronika Robinson


JUNO is printed on uncoated FSC paper from responsible sources, and is recyclable and compostable at the end of its life.

Magazines are posted in a paper wrapper which can be reused or recycled.


80 pages, 220x280mm

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