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The Mother - Issue 9

The Mother - Issue 9

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In this issue of The Mother magazine:

\nEco Mother Meets Liz Scrambler, founder of Lollipop (cotton nappies) \n \nElimination Communication by Rachel Milgroom \n \nNurturing Touch by Sylvie Hetu \n \nThe Evil E Numbers \n \nVaccination Ingredients \n \nZinc ~ The Healthy Brain by Caroline Collard \n \nCloth Nappy Tips (Nappy Rash) by Hilary Smith \n \nFlouride Facts \n \nPutting the HEART Back into Education by Richard House \n \nThe Possible Mother (Boys and Toy Weapons) by Jeannine Parvati Baker \n \nRadical Unschooling by Veronika Robinson \n \nEmbracing the Feminine Qualities of Boys and Men by Joanne Lovewood \n \nParenting: Revered or Reviled Career? by Sarah Bastian \n \nFree Range Living by Stuart Howard \n \nDo You Plan to Breastfeed? by Lynda Cook Sawyer \n \nWhen to Wean? by Eva Tombs-Heirman \n \nPast Lives and Birth by Giuditta Tornetta \n \nFrom Victimhood to Conscious Living by Winnie Durdant-Hollamby \n \nHomebirth by Monica O’Connor \n \nOur Magic Wombtime by Clara Scropetta


JUNO is printed on uncoated FSC paper from responsible sources, and is recyclable and compostable at the end of its life.

Magazines are posted in a paper wrapper which can be reused or recycled.


80 pages, 220x280mm

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